• Welcome to Intro to Meal Planning

    I have worked with thousands of people in health and fitness, and the hardest part of staying healthy is always the food!


    Meal planning can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. Eating healthy can seem expensive and futile.


    I have been there, and I totally understand. Let me help!


    I have developed a 7 video series on everything you need to know about meal planning.


    With topics like budgeting, shopping, recipes, portioning and prep, I have everything you need to take the stress out of learning this critical skill.




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    Anyone sell you a pre-made meal plan, but you'll save money, time and frustration, in the long run, if you learn to make your own. With my templates, worksheets, and tips, you'll be able to make your first meal plan, customized to your own family, food preferences and schedule.

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    Nothing is more frustrating than trying to eat healthy and feeling like you're throwing your money, and food, away every week. Learn how to turn your meal plan into an exact shopping list so that extras don't end up in your cart, and food doesn't go bad. Plus, learn how to inventory what you have before you leave and make your shopping even faster! 

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    Food Prep

    Food prep is a great way to save time during the week, and still have fresh cooked meals when you want them. This is one of the most generically used terms in the meal plan world, let me help clarify it for you with my time savings tips, ideas, and direction.

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    Food Portioning

    Food portioning is a great option for anyone who wants to stick to a strict meal plan, is often on the go, or is too busy during the week to cook. Things you need to know are how to portion things out, how long does food stay good, and what are the best containers. This can make a huge difference in any weight loss journey!



    This video is crucial for anyone with limited time, and a lot of demands. You will need to know what is critical, and what is less important. That not only applies to your meal planning, but your overall food and health goals! Prioritization is the key characteristic of many successful people.  

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    Free Bonus Videos

    There was so much more information I had to share, that I made bonus videos! I have small bits on topics such as Budgeting, Calories, Tupperware Tricks, and More! They are yours free, only through this exclusive site offer.

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  • My Meal Planning Journey

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    110 Pounds Down with Meal Planning

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    I used to say I didn't have time, that I didn't know how, to meal plan. I said I didn't like leftovers, food would go bad too quickly, or that I would get bored. Those were all lies. I just didn't believe I could do it, and enjoy it!


    I rarely ate breakfast, skipped meals, lived off drive-thru foods and was always winging it on what to eat. My idea of eating healthy on the fly was Subway or juice smoothies. At $5-$10 a a meal, my eating habits were costing me hundreds, and I wasn't seeing any real progress in my journey .


    Even when I "got healthy" I was still buying pre-made salads, pre boiled eggs, packaged snacks, and more. I was paying for all that extra packaging, and the foods were sub-par quality and littered with chemicals.


    I knew there had to be a better way.


    I stumbled and struggled my way through learning how to meal plan. You don't have to! I've taken 10 years of learning, practice and skill, and distilled it down to an easy to follow video series.


    You can learn to do this, and you can learn it much faster, and cheaper, than I did. Please sign up now!